I grew up in Southern Oregon with the lush, green, dewy forest as my backyard. If you needed to find me, I was most likely outside with my little film camera that was gifted to me from my parents for my 7th birthday. My Grammie told me a few years back, “I always knew you would settle with a creative career.” Somehow I missed that mark and pushed myself into the corporate world for many years.

With new beginnings in Colorado a few years ago, it was time to do what came natural and felt effortless. My high-school sweetheart husband gifted me a digital camera, and told me to run as fast as I could toward what we both knew made me the happiest in life.


So here I am! I love being a storyteller and a historian, and meeting such amazing people in this community; which is why I try to capture who you are in a timeless manner with emotion, detail, and care. As a photographer, I feel I am capturing history as it unfolds whether it's starting a new life, families growing, or couples making vows. I hope that my images will be looked back on by children, grandchildren and even great-great grandchildren.

And I must add, I feel honored to be invited into telling these stories and expressing who you are through images.




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