My #1 Tool For Accounting / by Ashleigh Cropper

Can you guess my #1 tool for accounting?! You better believe it is Quickbooks! But let me back up here a minute because I actually JUST switched over!

When I first started my business I was using an excel spreadsheet to track all my expenses and income. Wow, did that end up being exhausting and time consuming! I DO NOT recommend it.

Then just over this past year I was having lots of challenges as my business grew with my current software, Xero—another accounting software and it just wasn’t working out anymore. There were no checks and balances in place, and my accountant recommended I switch over to Quickbooks.

I was VERY hesitant! Like it took about three times of him mentioning it for me to actually do it.

“But I feel like I know what I’m doing with Xero.”

But it took me weeks to learn Xero and I don’t have time.”

“But I heard Quickbooks is complicated and only worth it for bigger business.”

… Then this past month I finally did switch.

Learn from my mistake. Just get Quickbooks now! Here are the three features I love:

Expenses/Income Tracking

It easily tracks your expenses and income. When you open the software everything is right there so you can glance over your numbers really quick and see where things are for the month. No digging around and opening other tabs to find where your business is currently at. It is literally staring at you right in the face!

Built in checks

QuickBooks makes sure that all your numbers add up. When you go into reconcile your expenses for the month, Quickbooks requires that you enter in your last banking account statement. That way you are comparing your bank account transactions to Quickbooks. It is fool proof! That way you cannot reconcile incorrectly!

(Side note: as you reconcile, there is also some information off to the right with all your numbers for the month. You will know you reconciled correctly because it will equate out to $0. That is an automatic check that you have reconciled correctly! Xero doesn’t have this feature and it is a lifesaver!)

The App

Quickbooks has an app and it is the best! I can easily log in and check my accounts. I can do everything that was on my desktop on the app. It is the most user friendly experience I have had out of all my accounting software’s thus far.

If you are using a spreadsheet, or just not satisfied with your accounting software, then definitely start using Quickbooks. I currently use the Simple Start plan and have found it is plenty for a photographer. I haven’t found a need for all the amazing other features that come with Quickbooks, but if I do then I would upgrade because I am sure it would be worth it.

Having Quickbooks has allowed me more freedom in my business, given my accountant access to my business information easily, and helps me manage every business decision I make. I hope it can do the same for you!